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SIGN UP ANY TIME! For enrollment use an Academic Year Form from our forms page!  Every Session is unique with new projects to do and techniques to learn for continuing students! 

School Year 2020 Art and Tutoring Programs

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 We have an AMAZING OUTDOOR set up for classes this year! This includes canopies, tables, chairs, heaters, and lights under which students will use personal and sanitized materials during our Award Winning Art Classes! Classes will begin at 3 pm (ask about late drop off) and we have classes available until 4:30 - 6:30 pm. (Two session ask about extended care available for both!)

Classes information below!




ALL classes currently 3 pm - 4:30 pm CALL OR EMAIL for more times or details!

Early drop off available at 2:30 pm LATE DROP OFF available until 3:30 PM (Please call or email for details or to request late or early drop off)

ALTERNATE CLASS TIMES AVAILABLE: Have a at least 4 friends and want to create your own class? Or want to set up a one on one class? We have plenty other time during the week (from 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm available everyday and more!)

Monday One Time Art Classes (OR CREATE A CLASS!) $75 per class (plus $10 Reg fee once per year):

For one day a week we are currently doing one time art classes that produce one to two projects per session. These would be 1.5 hour classes with TWO sessions available each Monday. This would involve projects that can be done within the allotted time period. Lots of fun and a great way to dip your toes in to see how things work out! Or do you have a group who is looking to do their own 5 week program doing a specific topic, or is this time just more conducive to your schedule? Let us know! Call or email for any further questions 206- 632 2530 


Tuesday Multi Week Fine Art Project Programs: 

Ages 6 and up $125 for 5 weeks (plus $10 Reg fee once per year)

Five week long programs 1.5 hours one day per week. With this longer time frame, would be able to do more dynamic projects such as dioramas, frame building for their masterpieces made by drawing or painting, clay projects and much more! We would also be delivering an over view on concepts like CoLoR theory and more! Classes suit all ages ranging from 6 – 12. JOIN ANY TIME! Call or email for any further questions 206- 632 2530 




Wednesdays Applied Art Studies/Drawing Classes:


Ages 8 and up $150 for 5 weeks (plus $10 Reg fee once per year)

Created to give students a more ADVANCED and dynamic Art Education and understanding of Art while also making awesome masterpieces! Starting with 5 weeks of CoLoR theory and Art Linguistics, Students will learn various techniques and concepts while creating AMAZING FINE ART and APPLIED ARTS projects. Furthermore, we'll study how Art and Design are used together when designing and decorating the many different products, logos and images from businesses and industries around the world. Over time we'll dive deeper into creating lorem character development and world building the way they do in big Hollywood movies!


 Areas of study include CoLoR theory, Art of The Masters, Art Philosophy, Aesthetics, The Creative Process and more! This would be advanced learning geared to bring students to the point they are capable of designing their own projects while following a set of guidelines, past just following step by step instructions in a more guided fashion, learning more advanced techniques and concepts, and so on! This is an ideal class for those looking to expand their knowledge and skills in art to become a true expert and master of their craft. Call or email for any further questions 206- 632 2530 

Thursday Pottery:

Ages 6 - 12 $150 for 5 weeks (plus $10 Reg fee once per year)

 5 week long pottery courses! We will be doing both earth clay projects AND air dry clay projects! Students will learn how to use air dry clay in a more dynamic fashion than most are aware of and also work with clay they can mold and construct into beautiful objects, have baked into hard form, paint, glaze and more. JOIN ANY TIME! Call or email for any further questions 206- 632 2530 




ZOOM and One on One Art Classes:

Want to learn how to draw something specific? Is your child interested in one particular medium like painting or paper machè? Curriculum can be tailored to suit the specific wants of the young artist in your home! Contact us to set up a time for your class! 

By appointment only! $50 per hour, (So $75 per class, 300 per 5 week session). Discounts of $50 off per 5 week session whenever you sign up for more than one session at a time! So sign up for 2 and get a discount! Call or email for any further questions 206- 632 2530 

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