Hey! This year we've start with outdoor classes! We have canopies and fun socially distanced recess activities (bean bag games, ring toss, and much more CONSTANTLY sanitized good times!). Our teachers are masked up, our desks are 6 feet apart, and were going to do our best to give the children a sense of normalcy during this strange time! More details below!

Teachers are wearing masks while engaging with students at all times, bathrooms breaks are done singularly and each student has a personal set of materials to use each day, that is sanitized when touched by anyone else. Books are being sanitized daily and teachers are handling them with gloves or sanitized hands. We take temperatures three times daily, in the morning, lunch and third recess. Kids are frequently reminded to wash or sanitized their hands and stay a safe distance apart. We have LOTS of sanitizer and other PPE with us and are doing everything in accordance with the CDC recommendations! We look forward to a fun and safe summer!

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